Back in the 1990s, Yves Jean Kervella, a French artist, decided to turn his boyhood dream and youthful passion into a job he would pursue in the years to come.

Toy Soldiers.

From top artists, sculptors who carved molds, he learned the craft and started making soldiers, from ancient times to the present days. He is one of the few artists who hand-cast soldiers up to 28 mm, which makes him unique not only in Europe but also in the world.

Developing his skills as well as knowledge of the art of warfare, knowledge of uniforms in various decades, he decided to bring his knowledge closer to the public a year ago, and in that name, he started making picture books of uniformed soldiers.

He decided on the “old school” coloring books to regain the “old way “of coloring and drawing.

He expanded his work, so he made a whole opus of coloring books for children, which, in addition to entertainment, also provide them with learning.

He extended his work to notebooks which are very useful in various professions as well as in leisure activities.

Yves Jean Kervella is married and lives in Cyprus for the past five years.